Sunday, October 3, 2010

Attacked by a Ghost?

According to the report NT woman attacked by 'horny ghost' a woman claims she was pulled out of bed by a ghost. She also claims that she has experienced poltergeist activity.

Yet she has no plans to 'get rid of it'.

Clearly, if we take her at her word, there is some presence in her home that is capable of physical manifestations. It has the ability to interact with the physical world and even act with some violence. Yet she is happy to keep it around.

There are two important points with this case if, as I say, we choose to believe her story.

Firstly, she is choosing to remain in a situation of potential danger. Why?

Secondly, we seem to have the residual component of someone who really should have moved on. But she doesn't want to help it.

With respect to the first point, it must be understood that in many such cases, the 'spirit' or 'ghost' can actually give something to the person they are 'haunting'. In this case, it would seem to me that they are providing 'uniqueness' or more simply put, a boost to her ego. She feels important because there is a 'ghost' around her. Often, when people are influenced by such things, the line between host and parasite can be blurred because the parasite can prolong the relationship by creating a need or dependency. In my opinion, this seems likely to be the case here.

In terms of the second point, there are many things that might appear to be a ghost but which are not. But assuming for one moment that this is actually a ghost by the popular definition, i.e. the spirit remaining after the death of the body, then the case is clear. Spirits (as opposed to guides and any number of other 'things') are earthbound because they erroneously do not move on. Into, as they say, the light. To allow one to stay is a little like allowing a prisoner to remain indefinitely inside a jail purely because he hasn't realized that his time has been served yet. It is immoral.

Of course, this might all be little more than imagination or publicity stunt. It's difficult to tell from the little real information provided.

But if there is an ounce of truth to what has been told, then trivializing the situation and letting 'kevin' stay is most definitely the wrong decision.

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