Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ever had that feeling that you are being watched?

Most people have had the feeling at some point - that feeling of being watched. Mostly it comes about when there really seems to be nobody about. We write it off as paranoia or imagination.

But is it?

Is it possible that we are being watched - by someone?

Consider the case of 'shadow people'. This is an experience where strange shadow-like people are often observed, usually in the peripheral vision. There is no-one there - at least no one physical - and we often pass it off as ..... imagination.

But is it?

Could these two phenomenon actually be just the two sides of the same coin?

There is a theory (and only that) which is sometimes used to support the multi-verse theory in quantum physics. It is the interference effect.

I wont bore you with the details but the canned version is that under a certain set of conditions, light should pass through a slit and produce a uniform illumination but in reality produces bars - lines if you like - of shadow and light. One theory says that light from a different universe interferes with the light from ours and causes this.

Perhaps all those shadow people are actually IN some other quantum universe.

Perhaps when we get that feeling of being watched, we are actually subconsciously picking up photons of light from a different universe and realizing that they are seeing us - their own 'shadow people'.

Or perhaps it is just paranoia. Or imaginations.


You decide.

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