Things to Avoid

Like the plague:

  1. OUIJA boards
  2. Going it alone
  3. Inviting Things
  4. Channeling
  5. OUIJA boards
Now just to make this clear.

OUIJA boards are a very dangerous tool.  No, they are a very dangerous invitation to disaster.  The reason is this.  Most mediumistic tools work via one person.  There is always an element of risk, however safeguards can be taken which are not effective with Ouija.  Read on MacDuff...

There truly is safety in numbers (1. above excepted).  If you go with a group then there will be people there - hopefully - with experience.  At the very least there are others to watch out for you, to take control if things go wrong.  If you are on your own, then you are at risk.  Even the worlds best Kung Fu fighter will not walk down a dark alley on their own if they have a choice.  Safety is the name of the game.

Inviting things is always a bad option.  By 'invitation' you are giving permission.  There are some very clever and very unpleasant things out there and one of your best defenses is to not give them permission to act.  Some things, it is true, will do what they want, but in many cases an invitation is required.  Don't give it.

Channeling is a process where a paranormal entity is given the opportunity to essentially take over your body.  Like loaning out your car.  If you are loaning it out to your best friend then you probably don't have much to worry about - but if it happens to be an armed robber, or a murderer then things could get tricky.  When you channel an entity, they have access to your body and mind.  Even your subconscious.  There are no secrets.  To channel safely requires experience and knowledge and precautions.  In general it is best to steer clear.

Didn't I already mention Ouija?  I need to make this point clear.  Don't do it.  Here's the reason why it is one of the most dangerous activities you can pursue.

If Ouija was just mumbo-jumbo then it would still be dangerous.  The reason is that you are essentially passing control to your unconscious.  Your unconscious contains personalities and behaviors which are safely ensconced in parts of the mind that cannot manifest themselves.  But with Ouija, you are enabling them.  You are bringing them out.  That can be exceedingly dangerous.

It might be argued that the average medium in a seance does no less than that, and perhaps that is true.  But with OUIJA there is another aspect to consider.

A medium in a seance is a focal point and all activity occurs via the medium.  Whether it has its roots in the subconscious or whether there are spirits communicating, the focus is on one person.  There is one, known, entry point.

But with OUIJA, there are as many potential entry points as there are people present.  The activity opens up channels across multiple subconscious portals.  One - or more - entities can operate through one - or more - people at once.  The whole things is wide open to abuse, and because of the subtly of multiple operators, it is almost impossible to setup protection or precautions successfully.

An analogy might be thus:

A seance is like a trained driver handing over to a monkey on his motorbike.

Ouija is like a busload of passengers being driven by an equal number of monkeys.

So let me re-iterate, since the Ouija board is quite popular in some circles:

Ouija opens up multiple channels across multiple people at multiple consciousnesses to allow influences from multiple entities and/or subconscious personalities/inclinations.  It is an open slather invitation to disaster.