Monday, July 25, 2011

Snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, disappear quick...

Ghosts! They always appear when you don't expect them and when they do you never have a camera.

Only sometimes, you do!

The biggest advantage of digital photography is that you can get brilliant pictures with very little effort and from cameras small enough to tuck in your pocket or purse. And you can see them when you take them! No more waiting for processing at the local chemist.

Because of their affordability, simplicity and size, people are going everywhere with their cameras. Try buying a mobile phone without one!

Not surprisingly then, images begin to appear which challenge the things we think about our everyday world. Faces manifest on images that definitely weren't there when we took the pictures; ghostly fogs hang hauntingly in the background; mysterious orbs float visibly, tantalizingly.

It's no wonder the paranormal is experiencing something of a revival. Modern cameras are opening up the magic of life - and we like it.

But not all of those pictures are really paranormal. In fact, almost all are not.

But is yours?

Videoscape Productions are pleased to offer a very specialized analysis of your image with a detailed report of their findings. If there's an explanation for the weird manifestation on your picture, they'll tell you. And if there isn't - well, you might just have caught a real ghost.

And they won't think you're a fruit-cake either. They have enough experience to know that there are things out there which defy simple explanation - but enough practical knowledge to identify most mysterious (but explanable) phenomenon.

Next time you snap a ghost - put it to the test!

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