Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is your ghost legal?

Big changes in the air - or perhaps I should say 'big changes in the Ether'!

Do the big decision makers read Too Haunted? It seems that they might. After we published our 3Bdrm, Mast ES,WIR,ModKitch, ERng, GHWS, DBGRG, ST(DEC) blog concerning the sale of properties that might contain residual paranormal phenomena, a change to the law in Australia has occured which can result in big fines for Real Estate agents who do not advise prospective buyers of a property's negative history.

This actually is quite a landmark decision. While it is easy for the non-believer to sit back, have a good laugh and decry such such "stupidity", there are many who have inadvertently purchased property only to discover that there are things that go bump in the night and that they are often unpleasant or even quite dangerous.

Read All About It Here

Of course, Agents can still pretend ignorance and, in many cases, they might not be in full possession (sic) of the facts, but at least when they are called on to sell a property known to them to have a dark past of some sort, they are under legal obligation to make that past known.

Are there really ghosts of murdered victims a-wailing and a-moaning at their site of their deaths? Clearly there can be residual effects at times and equally as clearly, some people are more sensitive than others.

It is, therefore, your right to know. At least, it is now. In Australia.

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