Saturday, May 1, 2010

3Bdrm, Mast ES,WIR, ModKitch, ERng, GHWS, DBGRG. ST(DEC)

Wow! You've finally found that house. The perfect fit. And at a bargain basement price too!

3Bdrm, Mast ES,WIR, ModKitch, ERng, GHWS, DBGRG. ST(DEC)

Three bedrooms, so there's ours, one for Johnny and one for Aunty Peg when she comes visiting. The master bedroom has an ensuite and a walk-in-robe, just like we wanted. There's a modern kitchen with an electric range and gas hot water (which is economical). The double garage will be a real treat rather than leaving the cars outside all night.

Not sure about ST(DEC) though. ST I think stands for 'sitting tenant' which might be a problem. Probably why it's so cheap. But what about DEC? I'll give them a call. It might be a nice old lady who could provide us with free babysitting.... you never know. And it IS so cheap that we'd be crazy to pass it up.

So I've called the agent and they say that there's no actual tenant there now, but there used to be, a Bikie called MadDog Mick, but he died about ten years ago - hence 'DEC'.

We thought about it and talked about it and in the end decided to give it a miss. We'll wait for something else.

The scenario you have just read is fictional. The reason is because there is currently (to my knowledge) no law that says that the sellers of a property are required to advise regarding ST(DEC).

The house you buy might have been the scene of a terrible murder or suicide. It might have belonged to someone suffering severe depression. it could be the vortex to a different dimension through which hideously deformed dwarves pass through in the dead of night. But they are under no obligation to tell you.

While vortexes are pretty rare - if they even occur at all - houses with dark pasts involving murder or suicide are not so rare. It is pretty safe, in fact, to say that any house over 50 years of age will almost certainly have at least one death occur either in the house or involving one of its occupants.

But you'll see no ST(DEC).

Some advice, then, to prospective buyers.

1. Go by your own feelings. If something feels wrong about the house you are inspecting, then steer clear. It might be something physical that your subconscious has picked up or it might be something paranormal. Either way, move on and leave it be.

2. When purchasing a house, ask about its history. If an agent deliberately misleads you then they could be held accountable in a court of law. No court in Australia (or most other countries) will penalize the agent because s/he didn't tell you about the ghost of MadDog Mick. But if the agent has told you that there were no deaths on the property and you determine later that there were and the agent knew about it, then you will have grounds to seek legal advice.

3. If you purchase a property and discover that there might be some sort of paranormal activity, don't panic. There are many varieties of manifestation ranging from a type of recording to all-out negative entities. You need a specialist to advise and to create a safe and comfortable environment in which you can live. Don't worry about knockers - they don't have to live there, you do. Seek help - there are experts out there with open minds who will do their best to help you.

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